Over a decade, HR-Qis has been serving several requests related to training activities. Training is aimed to develop and upgrade employees’ skills and abilities, in particular, soft skills to support optimal performance of both individual and institutional.

HR-Qis conducts training including indoor, outdoor, and outbound which is tailored to the Training Needs Analysis. At the end of training sessions, trainee will be evaluated.

Within the last 5 years, HR-Qis has been conducting several kinds of training including:

A. Interpersonal Training

Interpersonal training activities are intended to reduce interpersonal problems in the workplace, such as:

  • Training of Interpersonal Communication
  • Training of Group Communication
  • Outbound Training of Team Building
  • Outbound Training of Organizational Communication

B. Organizational Development Training

Organizational development training is aimed to train human resources in order to improve the capability and competence following the organizational demands. After training, employees are expected to be more adaptive to change, more have integrity, more have strategic planning and more competitive which in turn will sustain organizational life in the global competition.
HR-Qis has been handling this following training:

  • Full Duty Seminar and Counseling
  • Training of Service Excellent
  • Training of Leadership
  • Outbound Training of Service Excellent
  • Outbound Training of Capacity Building