Individual Assessment

The figure of integrity, dedicated, energetic and disseminator of positive energy for the working environment is the desire of each organization. HR-Qis committed to helping organizations capture and map the potential predicted individual can meet the needs of the job. Also, HR-Qis also provides services to help organizations overcome the problems of individual employees are assumed to potentially interfere with the performance of the organization.

a. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is a process of finding employment that can be done using many methods. Recruitment will be followed by the selection process. Selection is a set of activities that are intended to provide individual recommendations who are predicted could meet the needs of the organization in a particular position. This activity is principally seeking people who are in accordance with the position (man spec = job spec).

b. Potential Review

Potential Review is essentially a person’s assessment of the potential for a particular job against the ability of an individual who has worked in an institution. The process is carried gauging the potential of a person from several sides. Potential Review is usually done at the time of going to do a promotion or reinstatement. Results of the Potential Review is expressed in the form of quantitative and narrative about the strengths and weaknesses of the individual for a particular job or position.

c. Individual Consultation

In order to create quality human resources who are able to balance between the welfare of individuals by optimizing performance in the achievement of the organization, HR-Qis provides a various consultative program. The strength of the science of psychology is to conduct an analysis of the individual and tracing ability of people associated with efforts to improve the effectiveness of the organization without neglecting the welfare of individuals. HR-Qis also has had cooperation with relevant parties if the problems facing individual feel cumbersome and requires the handling of certain professions.