HR-Qis at A Glance

Welcome and greetings

“you can’t LOVE what you don’t KNOW”

Human Resource Quality Improvement Institute (HR-Qis) is a psychological services agency in Faculty of Psychology, University of Gadjah Mada, which was formed in 2001 and started working since April 2001. HR-Qis is the development of institutions that have been established previously with diversification in the field of services.

HR-Qis become an institution that participates in the development of human resources (HR) in Indonesia. Carrying the vision to become a psychological service agency that capable of creating HR in Indonesia who have a mental maturity, competitive advantages, as well as efficient for the workplace and society in general.

Sticking to the motto “INTEGRITY IN QUALITY”, HR-Qis always uphold the integrity and objectivity in the quality of service.


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