Organizational Research

lpkm-hrmOrganizational research in HR-Qis is based on mutual gains outcomes between employees and institutions. HR-Qis is committed to provide services for institutions or organizations to achieve quality of work life as well as work-life balance.

Have a look at an iceberg in the middle of the ocean, we could see the tip of the iceberg but not the body. Likewise in the organizational life, what we see are merely a small behavior at work, while the large behavior is not shown. Hard to detect the signs of the explosion from the surface. Psychology learns about the under sea level phenomena and helps to predict the problem solving.

Organizational research are basically action research that are devoted to the development or troubleshooting sake of organizational effectiveness. Research activities carried out to portray the conditions under sea level, to analyze the problem, to diagnosis the problem, to make recommendations for action, and to conduct evaluation.

Currently, HR-Qis is handling research organizations related to:

  1. Work Stress Indicator
  2. Capacity Building in Public Sector Service
  3. Work Readiness
  4. Career Survey